Fearful passages

Portada de Fearful passagesDATOS DE JUEGO
Sistema: BRP
Época: años 20
Tipo: Aventuras / Reglas
Descarga: Desde Megaupload y Mediafire.
Formato: Archivo PDF (sólo imágenes)
Calidad: Buena
Tamaño: 12,7MB
Autor(es): Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Gustaf Bjørksten, Sean Branney, Geoff Gillan, Steve Hatherley, Peter F. Jeffery, Steve Kluskens, Penelope Love, Mark Morrison, Liam Routt, Marcus Rowland
Editorial: Chaosium
Referencia: CHA 2335
Fecha: 1992
ISBN: 0933635877
Páginas: 128
Formato: Tapa blanda, portada color, ByN
Nine Terrifying Journeys on Various Continents. Use Independently or Within Other Adventures. Now Boarding. The Tarrent Tabor Aerial Yacht is a huge triplane made of wood and fabric, with the passengers seated in wicker chairs. Upon boarding, each passenger finds a card baring his or her name on the assigned seat. Captain and co-pilot welcome everyone to the flight, and explain the basic rules for air travellers: wrap up warmly, stay in your seat, and don’t open a window and stick your head out. The engines of the aircraft thunder to life, though a series of backfires draw loud curses from the mechanics. Thoughtfully, the airline provides cotton wool earplugs – it is too loud to speak anyhow. Down field, ground crews fire shotguns to scare off birds in the area. The aircraft lumbers down the runway and, with a last bump, the Tabor soars up from the field, pitching from side to side.
Aircraft, Trains, Automobiles, Dirigibles, Diving Suits, Canal Boats, Armoured Cars, Elephants, Siberian Sledges. The golden age of travel occurred between 1880-1939. As travelling times shrank, destination became more important than the journey, a notion now so common-sensical that we blink to think that the reverse was once truer.
FEARFUL PASSAGES contains nine adventures set in the 1920s, when travel could be by turns long, arduous, luxurious, and debilitating, but always full of incident and meaning.

Una versión más corta y bastante diferente de la aventura de Rowland "Fear of Flying" había aparecido en la revista White Dwarf nº 72.
La portada de este suplemento (de Nick Smith) en principio se iba a usar para la 5ª ed. del libro básico, pero finalmente se escogió la de Lee Gibons (con el ojo escrutador de Cthulhu, se pensaba que era más apta para capturar la esencia del horror cósmico de Cthulhu.
Este suplemento fue editado en Melbourne, y la mayoría de sus autores son australianos.

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