Cthulhu live: Delta Green

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Sistema: LARP
Época: actual
Tipo: Ambientación
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Autor(es): Robert H. MacLaughlin
Editorial: Fantasy Flight Games
Referencia: FF 0005
Fecha: 2000
ISBN: 188791143X
Páginas: desconocido
Formato: desconocido, portada color
Bursting into the front bedroom, Special Agent Harbin found the senator and his wife tightly bound and lying on the floor. The glare of a flashlight exploded in his eyes and a bullet cracked past his ear. Diving across the room, Harbin rolled to bring his weapon to bear. A second shot lightly grazed his left arm. Isom rushed in and both agents finished off the gunman in a spray of 9mm rounds. Working quickly, Harbin stripped the tape from the senator's mouth. "You're safe now, sir! We'll have you and your wife out of here in minutes!"
The senator's face was a contorted mask of terror in the green light of the night-vision goggles. "No! We're all going to die! The others! The others come after nightfall! Out of the woods! Her favoured children! The Black Mother!"

The fourth supplement for Cthulhu Live Second Edition, Delta Green is based on the Origins Award-winning soucebook of conspiracy and modern Mythos horror. Players assume the roles of agents and "friendlies" of Delta Green, a conspiracy whose tendrils have spread through all levels of the US government. Born of the raid on the small Massachusetts seaside town of Innsmouth, the shadowy organization has been seeking out and confronting the forces of the Mythos for more than 70 years.
Delta Green introduces a number of new elements and possibilities to your Cthulhu Live game, including:
* Tips on running live-action Delta Green campaigns
* New character skills and templates
* New rules for psychic powers
* The high-powered Close Assault combat system
* New "rules of engagement" that separate the lambs from the natural-born killers* Unique stagecraft techniques, from night-vision goggles to helicopter insertions
* Guidelines for conducting criminal investigations and interrogations
* Overviews of modern intelligence and counterintelligence operations
* Information on paranormal research, from the lab to the field
* Organizational and operational details on major groups, from Delta Green to Majestic-12
Delta Green is a supplement for the Cthulhu Live live-action roleplaying game.

Manual de Delta Green para Cthulhu live.

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